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Fast Approval

  • Expedited visa approval processes, get your visa in as little as 15 days

  • Complete the entire process in approximately 6 months

  • No education or language proficiency prerequisites 

  • Program extends to include the entire family 

  • Long-term legal residency, providing personal stability and professional growth


L-1 Overview

The L-1 visa, commonly known as the intracompany transferee executive or manager or specialized knowledge worker visa, is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to encourage foreign companies to do business and invest in the country. It is generally applicable to multinational companies sending executive managers, senior managers, or professional technical personnel with special skills to work from overseas companies to their U.S. branch (or subsidiary, affiliate, joint venture). 

The L-1 visa is divided into the following two categories: 

  • L-1A is issued to executive-level managerial personnel. 

  • L-1B is issued to technical personnel with specialized knowledge.

L-1A Visa is a non-immigrant work visa that enables:

  • Multinational companies with operations  in both the United States and the dispatching country to send internal personnel to the U.S. branch for short-term employment.

  • A foreign company which does not yet have an affiliated.

U.S. office to send an executive or a manager with the required relevant experience to the United States with the purpose of establishing one.  

L-1 Eligible Applicants

  • Executives or professional technical personnel in multinational companies

Individuals holding executive positions or possessing specialized knowledge, who are transferred between the U.S. and overseas branches of multinational corporations.

  • Individuals with a need to develop the U.S. market

Companies operating overseas that intend to expand their business to the United States.

  • Accompanying parents or families with children studying in the U.S.

- Parents desiring to accompany their children studying in the U.S.
- Children of the beneficiary can attend public schools in the U.S. and take advantage of local tuition discounts.

  • Individuals frequently traveling to the U.S. 

- Frequent usage of the B-1/B-2 visa for short-term entries can result in extremely brief authorized stay periods or even denial of entry by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
- Renewing the B-1/B-2 visa raises the likelihood of visa denial.
- The L-1 visa presents a long-term solution, avoiding the constraints associated with short-term visas.

Swift Entry to the U.S. 

The visa does not require a lottery or waiting for backlog. The applicants can quickly enter the U.S. once the visa is approved. 

Short Application Cycle 

The fastest approval time is 15 days while the average application approval time is 2-4 months. 

Low Threshold

There are no language requirements, no restrictions on industry or age, and no strict investment amount limits. 

Facilitating Immigration Intentions

Allows beneficiaries to have immigration aspirations.

Entire Family are Eligible

Dependents of L-1 visa holders (spouses and unmarried children under 21) can apply for L-2 visas. Spouses can work legally in the U.S. Children can enjoy free public schooling. 

Fastest Path to Permanent Residency

After operating successfully in the company for over a year, L-1 visa beneficiaries can apply for renewal and simultaneously submit an EB-1C multinational executive green card application. The transition ensures the continuation of the visas' benefits while seamlessly transitioning to a green card for permanent residency. 

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L-1 Requirements  

Overseas Company

  • Attained a quantifiable level of development

  • Ongoing and anticipated continuation of business operations

  • Establishment of a qualifying relationship with a U.S. company, typically involving ownership of more than 51% of shares

U.S. Company

  • Establishment of a qualifying relationship with an overseas company (parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate)

  • Ongoing or planned business activities

  • Adequate physical facilities to support business operations or demonstrated operational scale with a reasonable number of employees

Processing of L-1

  1. Evaluation, service contract signing 

  2. Document preparation

  3. USCIS review, approval of I-129 application 

  4. Preparation of DS-160 visa application 

  5. Applicant attends consulate interview 

  6. Entire family obtains green cards for the United States

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Successful Cases

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Medical device company executive  

Approved for L-1A visa in 3 days 

医疗器械公司高管 3天获批L-1A


  • Q: Are there any residency requirements for U.S. L-1 visa holders while in the United States? 

A: L-1 Visa is awarded to people who work as business executives in the United States. Therefore, the length of stay in the United States should be consistent with the normal time required for the management of the business. They can enter and exit the United States freely, but the cumulative time outside the country should not exceed 4 months. If an extended period is spent outside the country, a valid explanation must be provided; failure to do so may complicate the visa renewal process.

  • Q: I have been denied a B-1/B-2 tourist visa before, can I still apply for an L-1 visa? 

A: Yes. L-1 visa applicants are actually submitted by companies. Companies and individuals can apply if they meet the conditions. The focus of the audit is the company's situation. This is different from the B-1/B-2 visa requirements. If you go to the United States on a tourist visa with immigration intentions; whether for childbirth, travel, or other reasons; you could be denied the tourist visa. However,  the L-1 visa allows for immigration intentions. 

  • Q: Can I switch from L-1B to L-1A? 

A: Yes. Provided that after six months of the time when the L-1B beneficiary was promoted to an executive or manager position, the employer may file a new Form I-129. The requirements for L-1A and L-1B are different. Documentation proving that the L-1B beneficiary can perform the duties of L-1A is necessary. 

  • Q: Under what categories can I generally apply for a U.S. green card with an L-1 visa? 

A: After one year of operation in the United States, if the company is performing well, the L-1 applicant can apply to change their status and obtain an EB-1C green card, granting them permanent residency in the U.S.

  • Q: Can an L-1 beneficiary have immigration intention? 

A: The biggest advantage of L-1 is that the holder can have the intention to immigrate, so L-1 visa holders can submit an immigration application free of worry that doing so will affect their L-1 visa being rejected due to the intention of immigrating. 

  • Q: When applying for an L-1 visa, I do not have a company in my country, can I still apply? Can I use a domestic friend’s company as my parent company? 

A: Usually, this is not possible. Applying for an L-1 visa requires the domestic company to have specific connections with the American company, such as sister companies, a parent/subsidiary relationship, etc. Additionally, the domestic company must cover the daily expenses of the American company for one year. If it is a friend's company, these conditions cannot be met. However, if the applicant is in a partnership with a friend at the company, then these conditions can be met.  

  • Q: I want to set up a branch in the United States. How can I go about this process? 

A: You can contact My Visa Services to help you register a U.S. company. 

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