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Fast-Track Approval in 15 Days

  • Expedited approval within 15 days

  • No English language requirements or age restrictions

  • Money-back guarantee if unsuccessful

  • 90 days to obtain a 5-year EAD card

  • Minimum investment period of 2 years

  • Minimum investment $800,000

  • 12 months to obtain permanent residence

  • Age 18-55, IELTS 5+

  • Minimum investment of $250,000

  • Passport in 3-6 months

  • Minimum investment $100,000

  • Visa free travel to 140+ countries

  • Approvals  in 2 to 6 months

  • Zero global taxation

  • Greek Golden Visa with investment in eligible properties [€250,000 and up]

  • Approvals in as fast as 6 months

  • Global tax haven

  • Minimum investment S$10 million

City Sky



My Visa Services (MVS) specializes in global residency and citizenship solutions, offering tailored services for immigration, investor visas, and citizenship by investment. We excel in facilitating programs like the Golden Visa initiative and residency through investment, drawing on our expertise in immigrant investor programs and investment migration.

As authorities in citizenship by investment programs, investor visas, and extraordinary ability programs, our employment-based, investment-based, and extraordinary-ability immigration consultancy is comprehensive. Whether your interest lies in immigration through extraordinary ability, real estate or business investment, we provide customized solutions. We guide clients through investor opportunities and second passport investments.

At MVS, our advisors and consultants offer unparalleled expertise. We stay updated on regulations and requirements, ensuring informed guidance throughout the immigration investment process. Our mission is to streamline your journey through the complexities of immigration, citizenship, investment migration, guaranteeing a seamless and successful experience.

Immigration Experts

Our investment immigration experts possess years of experience in international affairs, staying updated on policy trends to adeptly interpret immigration laws. We specialize in tailoring immigration solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, optimizing their path to residency and citizenship.

Specialized Teams

Our professional teams excel in project selection, screening, and research. We conduct thorough project evaluations, refine funding proposals, and meticulously monitor progress to ensure your success with specialized professional support for each segment of your tailored residency, immigration, and investment solution.

Trust and Transparency

With 15 years of industry experience, MVS stands as a pioneering firm that has helped shape the investment immigration landscape. We have successfully assisted nearly 230,000 clients in fulfilling their dreams abroad, earning their trust with our transparency and exceptional results.

Industry-Leading Attorneys

Our team comprises attorneys who graduated from the world's most prestigious universities, possessing years of professional case-handling experience. We are agile and responsive, keeping you informed of each step to achieve a high approval rate. We proudly hold the record for the fastest L-1A visa approval in 15 days and the fastest EB-1A visa approval in just 2 days!

Experienced Translators

Our professional translation team offers comprehensive multi-language support, including but not limited to Chinese, English, Greek, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Filipino. We cater to clients from diverse backgrounds, ensuring smooth communication throughout the immigration process.

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