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  • Attractive taxation structure 

  • Minimum investment of €500,000

  • EU permanent residency & citizenship eligibility

  • Coverage for three generations of family members

  • Approval within 1 yea


Program Overview

One of the most successful immigration programs in Europe, the Golden Residence Permit Program in Portugal, grants the right to live, work and study in the country, with visa-free access within the Schengen zone.
The Portugal Golden Visa program allows investors to invest in Private Equity Funds with a minimum investment of €500,000.

Entire Family Eligibility

Cost-effective path to securing EU residency for the entire family

Residency Without Boundaries

Short residency requirement; minimum 7-day stay per year

EU Passport in 5 Years

Naturalization in Portugal after 5 years of holding the Golden Visa leads to EU citizenship

Global Mobility

Portuguese passport ranks sixth globally, offering visa-free travel to 186 countries

Access to Quality Healthcare

Portugal ranks 12th in global healthcare; public hospitals offer affordable services

Travel Across Europe

Golden Visa holders enjoy freedom of movement in 26 European countries

High-Quality Education System

Access to many prestigious universities at lower EU tuition fees

City Sky


Program Requirements

  1. Minimum age of 18 years

  2. The main applicant can include dependents like spouse, children, and parents

  3. Proof of the qualifying investment

  4. Maintain the investment for a minimum of 5 years

  5. Initial stay of 7 days in Portugal upon approval, followed by at least 14 days annually for the next two years

  6. Clean criminal record

Golden Visa Acquisition Method

Investment Funds: Invest €500,000 in private equity or high-risk investment funds.
●    MVS provides our clients access to an Alternative Investment Management Fund 
●    The Fund caters to US and China-based investors
●    The Fund requires a 5-year hold


  1. Consultation and evaluation; signing of service contract with MVS

  2. Sign Power of Attorney (POA) with lawyer online

  3. Conduct remote video conference to open a Portuguese personal account and transfer of investment funds

  4. Complete the investment 

  5. Submit residency application online

  6. Pre-approval and submission of original documents

  7. Final approval; obtain the Golden Residence Card


  • Q: What is the minimum investment amount for this program?

A: The minimum investment amount varies depending on the type of investment. For example, real estate purchases have specific minimum amounts, while other investments such as job creation or capital investment have their own requirements.

  • Q: In what ways can I invest?

A: The Portugal Golden Visa & Residency Program allows investors to invest through real estate purchases, capital investment, and job creation.

  • Q: Can I live and work freely in Portugal with a Golden Visa & Residence Program?

A: Yes, holders of a Portugal Golden Visa are free to live and work in Portugal, as well as travel within other Schengen countries.

  • Q: How long is the Golden Visa & Residence Program valid for?

A: The initial Golden Visa & Residence Program is typically granted for 1 to 2 years, with the possibility of renewal. After meeting certain conditions, holders may apply for permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship.

  • Q: Do I need to fulfill a language requirement?

A: Currently, there are no mandatory language requirements for the Portugal Golden Visa & Residency Program. However, a language test may be required when applying for Permanent Residency or Citizenship.

  • Q: What are the advantages of the Golden Visa & Residence Program?

A: The Portugal Golden Visa & Residency Program allows investors and their families to obtain residency in Portugal and Schengen countries, along with enjoying local benefits and lifestyle.

  • Q: Can I apply for Portugal and other countries simultaneously?

A: Yes, it is typically possible to apply for the Immigrant Investor Program in different countries simultaneously, but applicants must comply with the laws and regulations of each country.

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