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  • Permanent residence protection

  • Achieve permanent residence in as little as 12 months

  • Investment of 250,000 CAD

  • No requirement on management experience or source of funds

  • Business success or failure does not impact permanent residency eligibility


SUV Overview

The Canadian Federal Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program, established by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on March 31, 2013, began as a five-year pilot initiative aimed at attracting entrepreneurs to Canada. In 2018, the program became a permanent part of Canada's immigration system. The SUV program requires applicants to present a viable business plan that will create local jobs. Teams of up to five members can work together to achieve this goal. A crucial step is obtaining a letter of support from a designated Canadian investment entity approved by IRCC. Upon approval of the project by IRCC, all applicants and their family members will then be granted Canadian permanent residence.

Residency Not Linked to Business Outcomes

Business success or failure does not impact permanent residency eligibility

Residency for the Whole Family

Including spouse, children

Fast Approval Process 

12 to 24 months

Low English Proficiency Requirement 

IELTS General score of 5

Easy Application Process

No need for personal asset review or tax clearance
No age or education restrictions

City Sky


SUV Requirements

  1. ge 18-55 years old

  2. IELTS General score of 5

  3. College education or higher

Processing of SUV

  1. Assess SUV program  eligibility (1 week)

  2. Sign agreement 

  3. Develop a business plan with the client (4-8 weeks)

  4. Provide PTE or IELTS scores; arrange language training if needed (2 weeks)

  5. Conduct mock investment interviews to enhance support letter success

  6. Interview with Canadian government-designated investment institutions (4 weeks)

  7. Sign contract with institution providing support letter post interview (2 weeks)

  8. Obtain support letter (4-8 weeks)

  9. Prepare work permit and permanent residency applications (4-8 weeks)

  10. Apply for work permit and permanent residency; wait for approval

  11. Upon work permit approval, land in Canada and set up business operations


  • Q: What are the residency requirements after a successful application?

A: Once granted permanent residency, the applicant must live or conduct business in Canada to meet Immigration Department's residency requirements. According to current immigration law, permanent residents must physically reside in Canada for over 730 days in a 5-year period, which can be non-consecutive.

  • Q: What rights come with immigration?

A: Permanent residents receive the same benefits and rights as Canadian citizens, such as free healthcare, education, pension, and unemployment insurance.

  • Q: What kind of business experience is required for applicants?

A: Applicants typically need to have some business experience to successfully conduct business activities in Canada. This may include experience in management, entrepreneurship, or a related field.

  • Q: Is there a language requirement?

A: Yes, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages (English or French). This can be proven through language test scores, such as the IELTS for English. The language requirement for the SUV program is relatively low.

  • Q: Is the Entrepreneurial Investment Immigration applicable to all provinces?

A: The Canadian Federal Entrepreneurial Investment Immigration Program is applicable to all provinces and territories.

  • Q: Can one freely choose investment projects after obtaining permanent residency?

A: Once permanent residency is obtained, applicants generally have some freedom in their business investments. However, they must still fulfill the residency or business activity requirements set by the Immigration Department to maintain their permanent resident status.

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