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  • Fully remote program 

  • No physical presence required

  • Approval in 3-6 months

  • ETIAS EU e-Visa exemption

  • Minimum investment from $250,000

  • No global taxatio


Program Overview

  • In April 2013, Greece officially launched the policy of "foreigners purchasing real estate and obtaining EU residence", attracting a large number of investors to flow into Greece. ​

  • In July 2015, Greece amended its immigration bill, stipulating that as long as investors purchase a real estate project in Greece worth 250,000 euros or more, they can obtain an "Investor Permanent Residence Permit" issued by the Greek government and obtain a European green card in one step. ​

  • On February 23, 2017, the Greek government canceled the investment permanent residence visa system, and all investors will receive independent permanent residence cards.

Simple Procedures

No medical check-up required and no need to explain the source of assets, no educational or language requirements


Holders of the Greek permanent residence card can freely enter the 26 Schengen countries in Europe

Fast Application

Approval can be obtained in as little as 3 months

No Residency Requirements

Prior to or after residence permit has been granted

High Standard of Schooling

Access to many prestigious universities at lower EU tuition fees

Remote Processing

The application can be submitted and processed remotely

Safe Investment with Low Cost

Minimum investment of €250,000

Investment in business is allowed

Investment-related business activities can be carried out in Greece

High Standard of Living

Access to the Greek health service for free

City Sky


Program Requirements

  1. Over 18 years old, no criminal record

  2. Purchase an investment property in Greece worth more than €250,000

  3. Purchase medical insurance for the whole family

  4. The main applicant can bring their spouse, both parents, and children under the age of 21


  1. Sign contract and plan a site visit to Greece

  2. Conduct site visit

  3. Sign pre-sale contract and pay deposit

  4. Sign attorney's authorization and other agreements

  5. Open an account and obtain tax ID number with lawyer assistance

  6. Complete payment and prepare application documents

  7. Pay property registration

  8. Submit immigration application

  9. Obtain permanent resident card

(The overall process takes 2-6 months) 


  • Q: Can I rent out the purchased property?

A: Yes, it is usually possible to rent out the purchased property, but this may vary depending on the region and policy.

  • Q: Do I need to fulfill a language requirement?

A: Currently, there are no mandatory language requirements for the Greek Golden Visa

  • Q: Has Greece's Golden Visa investment doubled to €500,000?

A: Minimum investment required to apply for Greece Golden Visa continues to be €250,000. However, for properties located in certain areas of the country, the investment threshold is doubled to €500,000 from August 2023.

  • Q: Have all European countries scrapped the Golden Visa?

A: Greece continues to offer its Golden Visa to investors at a starting investment of €250,000. While Portugal has passed a law to annul real estate from eligible Golden Visa investments, investors can make alternative investments to obtain its Golden Visa.

  • Q: Is Greece's Golden Visa really worth it?

A: Greece Golden Visa is a great investment for those seeking unrestricted mobility throughout the Schengen region, for work or leisure, and simultaneously earn a potentially great return on their investment.

  • Q: How can one apply for Greek citizenship?

A: To apply for Greek citizenship, one needs to live in Greece for at least 7 years, and pass the mandatory exam. There is no mandatory residency requirement or exam to maintain or renew the Golden Visa.

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