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UK Innovator Immigration Program

Innovator Visa was announced by the Home Office of the United Kingdom in an immigration act in March 2019 to replace the previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. The reform was to better prevent and crack down on financial crimes and to ensure more substantial contributions from foreign investment to the UK economy. The new policy is officially effective as of March 29th, 2019.

Innovator Visa applies to a wide range of applicants. They can work legally in the US, as long as they have endorsement from verified agencies, £50,000 investment fund from a legal source. Three years later, innovator visa holders are eligible for permanent residency.

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  • Low Investment Fund Requirement: £50,000 minimum
  • Highly Competitive: Applicable to professionals in innovative investment
  • Secured Investment: Investment can be made after approval. Only projects with government-approved endorsement qualify applicants for the visa benefits, which guarantees the safety of the fund
  • Flexible Investment Vehicle: The act allows applicants to select 2 out of 7 solutions for entrepreneurship
  • Fast Processing and Shortcut to Permanent Residency: Application can be approved as fast as three days and on average 4 to 6 months. After three years, innovator visa holders can acquire UK permanent residency
  • One-Stop to All Benefits: Enjoy education, employment, and immigration benefits. Children of innovator visa holders can enjoy free education, while the entire family enjoys free NHS medical benefits. They can also build credit record and professional experience by working legally in the UK

Language: IELTS 5.5 minimum (can be waived for any applicant with an academic qualification that was taught in English and is recognized by UK NARIC as being equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or Ph.D.)

Investment Fund: at least £50,000

Documents: a detailed and viable business plan

Endorsement by an approved body

Investment Method

Become a shareholder as a partner

Start a new business
Areas for Investment
  • Technological Innovation

  • Mobile Application

  • Social Media

  • Automation of Transportation etc.

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • New Building Application

  • Environmentally Friendly Material etc.

  • Blockchain

  • Mobile Currency Payment Application

  • Financial Automation etc.

  • Precision Medicine

  • Medical Equipment

  • Bio-Medicine

High-grade, High-precision, Advanced Technology
  • Low-carbon Energy

  • Energy Storage

  • Artificial Intelligence etc.

From innovator Visa to Permanent Residency
  1. No more than 180 days outside the UK for any consecutive 12 months in three years

  2. Pass Life in UK test

  3. Meet 2 of the 7 criteria below:

  • A minimum of £50,000 investment into relevant business; actively pushing forward the business plan endorsed by an approved body verified by the UK government

  • The number of its clients should double in the most recent three years, and higher than the average of other UK enterprises

  • The business is involved in major research and development, and has applied for IPR in the UK

  • A minimum of £1,000,000 annual revenue in the most recent fiscal year OR a minimum of £500,000 annual revenue in the most recent fiscal year with at least £ 100,000 from export business

  • The business has created at least 10 local job opportunities

  • The business has created at least 5 local jobs, the annual salaries of all of which are no less than £25,000.

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My Visa Services is in close connection with the British Consultant and qualified guarantors. Our projects have received endorsement and guarantee the viability and security of the investment. We assist applicants with the endorsement to ensure the success of their applications.

In close partnership with government-approved agencies

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