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Start-Up Visa Program

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program offers Canadian permanent residence to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. The program targets innovative entrepreneurs and links them with private sector investors in Canada who will help establish their start-up business.

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SUV Program Advantages
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Low Requirements
No personal income tax required;
no management experience required
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Permanent Status
The permanent residency status will not be revoked if the business fall
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Fast Approval
Usually takes 10-15 months to complete the application process
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One-Time Investment
One-time investment to obtain permanent residency
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Apply with Partnerships
Each project can have up to 5 applicants at the same time, therefore, 5 families can apply at the same time
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Flexible Investment Options
Applicants have different options to choose the right business incubator agencies in different regions
SUV Basic Requirements
  1. Must have received a letter of support from a designated investor organization
  2. Investment requirements
  3. Must meet the minimum level of CLB 5 in either English or French
  4. Must have completed at least one year of study at a post-secondary institution
  5. Must have sufficient settlement funds to support themselves and their family once they immigrate to Canada
  6. Must undergo a security clearance and a medical exam

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