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Portugal Golden Visa
Country Highlights


Population: 10.28 Million                    Currency: Euro                    Languages: Portuguese, English widely used

Economic sectors: Services 67% Industry 27% Agriculture 5%

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No.3 in Global Peace Index report

No.1 in Residents’ Confidence of Safety in EU

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Political Stability

A member of the European Union, the Schengen Area, and the Eurozone

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Economic Stability and Rapid Growth

GDP growth ranked amongst the top in EU

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Attractive Tax Regime

Beneficial tax regime for non-habitual residents (NHR)

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Friendly Culture - No Discrimination

All nationalities are welcome

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Sound Healthcare System

International quality healthcare provider Under the SNS, most essential medical services are available free of charge, while non-essential services are available for a small co-payment.

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High Standard of Schooling

Prestigious international schools and courses with versatility in multiple languages


Visa-free Travel

Golden visa – Visa free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area Passport – Visa free travel to 186 countries

Portugal Golden Visa – Citizenship by investment program

Law n.º 102/2017 provides the fifth amendment to Law n.º 23/2017 of 4 July, which approves the legal system for entry, stay, exit and removal of foreign nationals from Portuguese national territory. According to this act, non-EU citizens can acquire the “Golden Visa” by (1) transferring EUR 350,000 for investment fund or venture capital fund units to a Portuguese capital management company, (2) with at least 60% of the investment transferred to a company with its headquarter in Portugal, (3) for at least five years.


Processing time

Key Advantages

EUR 350,000 minimum for the acquisition of shares in a private equity fund

4-6 months

No Physical Examination Requirement

Low Minimum Stay Requirement (average 7 days per year in Portugal)

Benefits of the Golden Visa
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Entire Family are Eligible

Besides the main applicant, family members including spouse, parents and children can also obtain European residency

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European Residency

Eligibility for EU permanent residency or citizenship after 5 years; Live and work in entire Schengen Area, visa-free travel to 186 countries, provided alongside the EU citizenship

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Low Minimum Stay Requirement

7 days during the 1st year & 14 days during each subsequent 2 years of residence; Minimal concern for interruption of business and work in the home country

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No Dual Taxation

No double taxation and flexible tax policies for non-habitual tax residents

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Visa Free Entrance in EU

Golden Visa program enables visa holders to free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area, including Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy. Holders can also freely work, live, study and manage business in Portugal.

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Public Welfare

Free public schools in Portugal;Golden Visa holders, residents, citizens are equally eligible to use the public healthcare system

How to Apply
  • Simple: No requirement for language, working experience or academic experience

  • Fast: get approved within as few as 50 days, not exceeding 90 days as ruled by Portugal immigration Office (SEF).

  • Straightforward: No onsite inspection, no entrance to Portugal required before approval

  • Certain: Under no circumstance will investors be required to invest in excess of their original commitment

  • Safe: The Fund is approved, monitored, and exhibited annually by the Portuguese market regulator (CMVM)

  • Clear Redeem Policy: Get original investment back after 5 years, capital gains tax-exempt for non-resident investors

Investment for Private Equity Fund

Investment: EUR 350,000 and maintain it for 5 years (redeemable after 5 years)

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Why Private Equity Fund?

shutterstock_1012128256 [Converted]-01.p

The main applicant is at least 18 years old

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Invest EUR 350,000 for Portuguese Private Equity Fund

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No criminal record

Estimated time for approval: 4-6 months

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