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Grenada Passport Program

In 2019, the Grenada government revised its investment regulations and issued a new policy announcement on relaxing the requirements for naturalization by investment applicants and the requirements for naturalization by real estate investment.


The new policy will also reduce the minimum investment for real estate investment projects from $350,000 to $220,000, and provide investors with more diversified housing options. These favorable policies will give applicants a better experience in terms of policy and processing speed.

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Advantages of Grenada Passport Program
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Shortcuts to moving to the U.S.
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Commonwealth country, protected by Commonwealth member states
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Overseas accounts help optimize the allocation of overseas assets with ease
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Entire family are eligible
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No global taxation, a haven for wealth
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Visa-free travel to more than 143 countries/regions
Fast processing and fast approval
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Valid for life
Ways to Apply for Grenada Passport
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Option 1: Purchase real estate

The property can be sold 5 years after obtaining a Grenada passport Purchase properties approved by local government

  • Fractional purchase: at least $220,000

  • Package purchase: at least $350,000

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Option 2: Donate to the Government Transformation Fund

Donate at least $150,000 to government funds

  1. Main applicant is at least 18 years of age and is willing to invest in accordance with investment naturalization regulations

  2. No requirements in language, assets, education, management experience, etc.

  3. Families who can accompany the application include:

  • Spouse of main applicant

  • Children: Children under 30 years old (excluding). Adult children need to prove that they will still depend on the main applicant or spouse to a certain extent. Children are not required to be full-time students

  • The parent/grandparent of the main applicant or spouse: there’s no specific age requirement, but such a person or people need to depend entirely on the main applicant or his or her spouse financially

  • Siblings of the main applicant or spouse: 18 years of age or older, unmarried without children

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