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Greece Permanent Residence by Real Estate Investment

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Greece Real Estate Investment Immigration Policy
  • In April 2013, Greece formally launched the policy of “Foreigners Buying Property and Obtaining Greece Permanent Residency”, which attracted a large number of investors.

  • In July 2015, Greece amended the Immigration Act to allow investors to obtain a Permanent Residence Permit issued by the Greek government as long as investors buy real estate projects of 250,000 euros or more in Greece.

  • On February 23, 2017, the Greek government allows investors to obtain independent Permanent Residence Cards instead of visa stamp.

  • Permanent Residence for Three Generations with One Investment: The main applicant, spouse, parents and children are qualified for permanent residency.

  • Easy to Apply: No educational requirements; No languages requirements; No business background requirement; No need to prove the legality of the funding; No interviews and No physical exams

  • After the PR Card is granted, the benefit does not need to physically live in Greece

  • No Global Taxation: Income outside Greece won’t be taxed

  • EU Passport is available to GR holders after 7 years

  • Freehold Property: The property is freehold in Greece, and you can choose to live in it or rent it

  • 1=26: Greece permanent residence holders and their families can travel freely in 26 EU Schengen countries

Immigration Project

Project: Real estate investment of minimum €250,000 in Athens, capital of Greece

Fast Processing: 2 – 6 months

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A Team of Elites

My Visa Services has a project research center, an independent legal team, a design team, a filing team and a customer service team in Greece for any needs you might have regarding your property investment in Greece.

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