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According to the new immigration plan by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), Canada will welcome a total number of 1,233,000 new immigrates between 2021 to 2023. By attracting more competitive foreign workers to Canada, the Canadian government intends to recover quickly from the impact of the pandemic and push for more growth.

Canada Immigration and Visa Programs

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Federal Skilled Worker Program

(Express Entry)

Labour Market Impact Assessment Program


Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program


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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program


BC Provincial Nominee Program


Business and Investor
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Start-up Visa

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Self-Employed Persons Program

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Owner Operator Program

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What does a Canadian Permanent Residency mean?
  • You are entitled to most of the rights and obligations as a Canadian citizen

  • It never expires (subject to Canada’s residency obligation)

  • You will be eligible for citizenship after 3 years (Canada recognizes dual citizenship)

What do you get as a Canadian Permanent Resident?
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Your children can enjoy Canada’s free public education system, and world-class higher education resources which is much more affordable than the US

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Social Benefits

As one of the most livable countries, Canada’s sound retirement and social benefit systems allow you to enjoy life at ease

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Free public health care services and resources

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Family Immigration

Your family can come with you to Canada; Upon acquiring citizenship, you can sponsor more families for immigration benefits.

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